Benefits of Blood donation

Did you know that donating blood can help prevent cancer?

Blood transfusions that take place save lives the world over. In many instances rare blood groups that are found only in a few people can save hundreds of lives.

For instance James Harrison dubbed as the man with the golden arm used to donate blood every week for the past 60 years. The 81 year old man only retired a couple months ago. In the process he saved the lives of over 2.4 million babies.

James’s blood is unique because of special anti-bodies present in the blood, which he found out by accident at the age of 14 working for Red Cross. It was later used to develop Anti-D an injection to fight against rhesus disease.

Rhesus is a disease where a pregnant woman’s blood attacks the fetus’s blood cells and can result in death or brain damage.

By injecting with Anti D millions of these babies were saved.

Aside from the humane view, blood donation is beneficial to the body too. Here are a few clear advantages of blood donation.


Reduces the possibility of Hemochromatosis

One of the biggest advantages of donating blood is low risk for hemochromatosis. When the body absorbs excess iron then it develops a condition called  Hemochromatosis. It can be either a hereditary condition or caused due to factors like drinking too much alcohol. When you donate blood regularly the excess iron goes that way and isn’t absorbed by the body reducing the risk a lot.

Anti-cancer Benefits

Blood donation helps in lowering the risk of cancer. By donating blood the iron stores in the body are maintained at healthy levels. A reduction in the iron level in the body is linked with low cancer risk.

Maintains Healthy Heart & Liver

It can also lower the risk of heart problems and liver problems that are caused by excess iron in the blood.

When you take a diet that’s rich in iron whether knowingly or unknowingly, after a given amount that gets absorbed the rest gets stored in the heart, liver, pancreas and other organs causing problems. In the liver it ups the risk of cirrhosis, and may cause damage to both pancreas and liver. In the heart excess iron can cause irregular heart beat.

Weight loss

Other than that it’s been seen that donors who donate regularly often helps them lose weight. Anybody’s whose obese should participate in regular donation since it has a positive impact on weight loss. If you are at risk for cardiovascular disease donating blood could lower the risk.

Stimulates Blood Cell Production

Whenever you donate blood your body’s production units located in the bone marrow start creating new blood cells to replenish what was lost. This stimulates the body and keeps it healthy.


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