Health benefits of sports in your life

Sports is generally considered a good way to improve your health and fitness.

Regular sports can improve cardio-vascular health.

It lowers the chance of you getting heart disease



It can range from weight loss, to efficient running of the heart, control in diabetes, lowered cholesterol levels and control over blood circulation, lowered blood pressure and reduced hypertension.

Along with toning the muscles exercise helps strengthen the bones. It helps in the toning of muscles and toughens up bones. Along with all these positives, exercise also inculcates discipline in you and you’re always brimming with energy all day long.

A lot of people find themselves enjoying participating in sports. Even among adults the activity is popular. They may not participate in games that require running around a lot but they do love less strenuous games like VolleyBall, Basketball and badminton. Not only do people enjoy the game in a world that resorts to narcotics and alcohol to relax their mind, games provide a refreshingly non-taxing way of freshening oneself up.

Let’s look at all the benefits we stand to gain.

Healthy Heart

A well running heart is crucial to longetivity. The heart muscles pump more blood supplying oxygen to the limbs and lungs when playing. When heart is kept functioning healthy there’s very little chance that you will develop problems.

Control over Diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder that plagues many. It’s a lifestyle disorder that happens from eating too much sugar laced foods and not exercising enough.

When you play sports, the body gets a better control over the insulin and it fares better reducing sugar levels in the blood.



Obesity is another problem that plagues many. But with regular sports you can exert better control over weight.

However, you need not fret about the issue. As you exercise, fat starts burning. You burn calories and begin to lose weight. Needless to say you get better handle over your love handles and pot bellies when you play.


High blood pressure can lead to increased risk or heart disease and even stroke. High blood tension reduces the quality of life you’re living.


Keeps cholesterol in check


The human body has two forms of cholesterol one called the LDL and another called the HDL. LDL is what gives cholesterol its bad name. HDL is necessary to keep the heart functioning well.


Signing off

Sports has lots of benefits. From improving heart health to lowering blood pressure, keeping bad cholesterols out of the bay and so on.

Will you start with sports now?

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